Cleaning, Care & Use

Labels and Tags

Each pair of Schmitz Mittz Safety Gloves comes packaged in a clear plastic hanger pouch.  The label inside each glove contains information about glove material, certification levels and caution information.  Tags attached to the exterior of the gloves identify specialty materials and the benefits they provide.

Break in your new Schmitz Mittz

Schmitz Mittz Safety Gloves provide superior hand protection, comfort & dexterity that increases with wear.  Your gloves will feel firm initially but will quickly soften and mold to your hand with use, becoming exceptionally comfortable over time.  The issue of time might pose a problem for other gloves but Schmitz Mittz, made to last, will be on the job protecting your hands long after other gloves have given up.

Washing Schmitz Mittz

When necessary your gloves can be washed in warm water by hand or on the delicate cycle of a front load machine only.  Do Not use a standard rotational washing machine - it may damage the inner liners as it twists and beats the gloves.  A front load machine offers a gentle tumbling on the delicate cycle.

Note: Some qualities such as waterproof may be affected by machine washing, we recommend that you wash your gloves by hand. 


Drying Schmitz Mittz

Lay out or hang to dry.  You may use a dryer rack inside the dryer selecting low temperature, delicate or air only dryer options.


General Use Instructions

  • Check with your local occupational health and safety for detailed safety glove guidelines.

  • Select the appropriate glove for the task at hand to ensure suitable hand protection against possible hazards.

  • Select the proper glove size for your hand.  Visit the Hand Size Chart

  • Ensure the hand protection fits correctly.

  • Inspect gloves for defects before using.

  • Verify if the glove is certified, the type of certification and at what levels.

  • Follow manufacturers instruction for use, maintenance and care of hand protection.

  • Always put gloves on CLEAN hands.