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Schmitz Mittz Schmitz Mittz
Our customers are saying...
  • “Got your gloves and its was 1.5 years before I got a hole in the right glove. I can't count the number of time your gloves have stopped something sharp from cutting or puncturing my hands, in fact the band-aid box doesn't get opened at all!”
  • “Thank you for making great stuff!
    I'm 38 years on the job, the evolution of all our gear, depends on great, and innovative manufacturers, Thank You!”
  • “Schmitz Mitz are the extrication glove of choice for all our members in Chestermere Fire Services. Being used constantly throughout our shifts they have definitely lived up to our expectations, when safety is our primary concern coupled with dexterity and comfort.”
  • “You cannot beat the durability & protection that these gloves offer. The cut resistant design on the palm offers great protection against every jagged edge that I have encountered. The waterproof, fluid proof liners give me peace of mind knowing that I am protected not only during the rain, but also for any vehicle fluids or bodily fluids that we can encounter on a scene.”
  • “As a landscaper I handle many different materials including rough concrete, rocks, rough cut lumber,sticks, sharp metal, rebar and dirt. "Schmitz Mittz" provides me with ultimate protection, grip, comfort and the dexterity I need to perform tasks at hand.”

SCHMITZ MITTZ “The World's Toughest Gloves”

Black Knightz Super Duty Waterproof Safety Gloves

Black Knightz Super Duty Waterproof Safety Gloves

On Sale $39.95 USD Regular price
$44.95 USD

Schmitz Mittz "SUPER DUTY UtilityArmor" Safety Gloves HVR EN 388

Red Knightz Super Duty Safety Gloves

On Sale $34.95 USD Regular price
$39.95 USD

Rescue-X Waterproof Safety Gloves

Rescue-X Waterproof Safety Gloves

On Sale from $39.95 USD
Sold Out Regular price
$63.95 USD

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"Changing a Culture about Safety, one glove at a time"
"Schmitz Mittz™" safety gloves designed to protect the two things that keep you working safely day in and day out; Your hands!  Offering you unparalleled protection, while providing superior resistance against slash, heat and crush related injuries.
Our unique non-slip grip and waterproof inner liner that repels bio-toxins, chemicals, oils and other harsh hazardous materials makes our gloves second to none. Schmitz Mittz gives you the confidence and the ultimate protection in the world's most hostile environments. So give your hands a break and try a pair of;

Schmitz Mittz™ "
The Hard Hat For Your Hands"