Lefty vs Righty!

Schmitz, I've been working all my life with my hands in construction doing demos and rebuilds, digging holes for fences and decks, removing tree branches and bushes,  and I have two boxes full of left handed gloves in my shop because I always put a hole in the right glove, because of the wear and tear I put them through.

Got your gloves and its was 1.5 years before I got a hole in the right glove. I can't count the number of time your gloves have stopped something sharp from cutting or puncturing my hands, in fact the band-aid box doesn't get opened at all !The waterproof glove works really well and keeps my hands dry in cold weather.

Anyway after 30 years of wasting money and cutting my hands with cheap gloves you guys have got a winner. Now if you could put a GPS chip in them so I can find them in my truck that would be awesome.

Randy Chomistek,
Calgary Alberta
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