Paul Kondor

I have been in the Fire Service for just about 20 years and have purchased & used various gloves for extrication in my time. The Shmittz Mittz RescueX gloves have met my expectations by far. I have used them on various different rescue calls ranging from auto extrication to agricultural machine rescues. Not only have I used them on the job but also for training. Each time I "intentionally" try something different to see how they hold up.

You cannot beat the durability & protection that these gloves offer.  The cut resistant design on the palm offers great protection against every jagged edge that I have encountered. The waterproof, fluid proof liners give me peace of mind knowing that I am protected not only during the rain, but also for any vehicle fluids or bodily fluids that we can encounter on a scene. Unlike any other glove that I have used, I am thoroughly impressed with how well they held up after being washed. The Rescue X gloves are worth every penny for great "insurance"  that protects our hands & lets us get the job done without accidental injury.

- Paul Kondor