Landscaper review!

3 months ago...yes I said 3 months ago!, I tried on a pair of "SCHMITZ MITTZ" utility gloves. As a landscaper I handle many different materials including rough concrete, rocks, rough cut lumber,sticks, sharp metal, rebar and dirt. "Schmitz Mittz" provides me with ultimate protection, grip, comfort and the dexterity I need to perform tasks at hand. Unlike your everyday leather glove, these gloves do not stretch or get slimy when wet and will not stain your hands like leather will. It has been 3 months of steady wear and not a stitch has given way!! Undeniably the best glove I have ever worn!! I can't wait to try the rest of the "Schmitz Mittz" collection. Thank you!! Cheers!!

Bobbie-Ann, Dawson Creek, B.C