What to Know About Suitable Firefighter Extrication Gloves

The fire department has always been responsible for putting out fires and protecting people and property from fire damage. However, over time, the fire department has become accountable for much more than that.

Many fire departments now provide a wide range of emergency services, including technical rescue services. Technical rescue services involve specialized skills and equipment to rescue people trapped or injured in difficult situations, such as car accidents, collapsed buildings, or high up on a cliff.

Providing these services requires training and experience, and the fire department is often the best-equipped and most qualified organization to provide them. As more departments engaged in technical rescue, firefighters found that the gloves they had been using did not offer the protection or dexterity they needed.

CE EN 388 Standard

The EN 388:2016+A1:2018, International Safety Standard for protective gloves (2016 edition) is the applicable standard for emergency services personnel during technical rescue incidents. This standard provides the minimum requirements for design, performance, testing and certification of utility technical rescue, rescue and recovery protective ensembles.

Technical rescue protective ensembles are specially designed clothing and gear meant to be worn by people doing technical rescue work. This work can include utility work, rescue and recovery work, and work in hazardous environments where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals, biological agents.

Rescue and recovery ensembles are specialized clothing and equipment first responders wear in hazardous environments.

Rescue gloves are an essential part of the overall ensemble for protective technical rescue outlined in EN 388. The sections contain specific performance requirements for gloves.

The glove must be able to withstand cuts, abrasions, and punctures and maintain hand function and grip while also being easy to put on. It must also be resistant to heat.

Extrication gloves are a type of glove designed to be used in situations where someone needs to be extracted from something. They are made from a variety of materials, and the price of a pair can vary depending on the material and the brand. They typically last many years as long as you maintain them properly.


There are a few key things to consider when selecting the right extrication gloves. Once you know what features you need, you can start to narrow down your choices by price and style. There are many different extrication gloves on the market, so take your time to find the perfect pair.

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