EN388 Protective Gloves: How They help Protect against Mechanical Risks

Many diverse types of gloves available on the market today are designed to protect workers from various risks, including mechanical hazards. One type of glove that is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to protect workers from automated threats is the EN388 Protective Glove.

Check out the things you must know about EN388 Protective Glove and how it can help prevent mechanical risks.

What is EN 388 Protective Glove?

The EN 388 standard is a European and global standard for gloves designed to protect the wearer's hands from mechanical risks. This standard covers gloves designed to protect the wearer's hands from risks such as crush, abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture. This standard also includes a performance level for each risk so buyers can choose the right glove for their needs.

EN 388 Symbol Numbers and Letters

The EN 388 symbol is used to identify personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the wearer from mechanical risks. The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) developed the standard and includes four grades that indicate the level of protection provided by the PPE. Each level of protection, Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture, are given a numbering system 0-5 the higher the number the higher protection. However new standards for Blade/cut levels are now calculated in letters A-lowest. F-Highest. The Crush rating is the letter P for PASS. There is No numbering system for level of crush. Only Pass(P) or Not tested. Every glove will have these numbers and letters displayed on the labeling sewn inside each glove. Or on the packaging they are sold in.

The EN 388 standard is used to assess the performance of PPE in several different areas, including gloves, armguards, and clothing. The standard is also used to evaluate the performance of PPE in other applications, such as in the automotive, construction, Oil & Gas, and other high risk industries.

How Does EN 388 Protective Glove Prevent Mechanical Risks?

The EN 388 Protective Glove is personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect the wearer's hands from mechanical risks. The glove is made of a flexible, comfortable material resistant to abrasion and punctures. It also has a palm-coated grip that provides added grip and protection.

The EN 388 Protective Glove is ideal for various industries, including firefighting, construction, automotive, Oil & Gas, and manufacturing. It can help protect the wearer from injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bio hazards and burns. Always check the labeling to ensure your choice of glove meets the safety standards of your industry, or usage.

When choosing a glove for mechanical risks, selecting one that is comfortable to wear and provides the necessary level of protection is essential. The EN 388 Protective Glove is an excellent option for a high-quality, durable, and comfortable glove.

Why Is It Important to Find the Best Safety Gloves?

There are various reasons why it is essential to find the best safety gloves.

First and foremost, gloves protect your hands from injury. They can also protect your hands from exposure to dangerous chemicals or other substances. Additionally, gloves can help keep your hands warm in cold environments and help grip objects more safely and securely.

When choosing safety gloves, selecting a pair made from durable, high-quality materials is essential. You should also ensure that the gloves fit snugly and are comfortable. Choosing gloves specifically designed for the task or environment you will be using is also a good idea. For example, if you work with chemicals, you should select gloves to resist chemical damage and are waterproof.

Safety gloves are essential personal protective equipment that can help keep your hands safe from harm. Finding the best gloves for your needs can help reduce the risk of injury and ensure that your hands are protected in all environments.


EN 388-certified gloves can provide essential and valuable protection against various mechanical risks, making them an essential part of personal protective equipment for many workers. However, selecting suitable gloves for the task at hand is necessary, as different gloves are designed for varying levels of protection.

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