The Saw was Coming Right For Me - UtlityArmor Took The Blow!

Just writing to tell you about my experience with your Schmitz Mittz.

While practicing with the Grim Rippers Extrication team for the 2013 World Rescue Challenge I had a close call.  For our practice scenario we were performing a Kipper-Can technique on a side resting van.  I was cutting with the air chisel on the lower side, while another tool guy was cutting with the recip saw on the top side.  As our cuts were almost done,

I noticed out of my peripheral that the recip saw let go from a jam and was coming right for me.  I brought my left hand up to guard the glancing blow.  When we Froze and I looked to assess the damage to my hand, I saw there was none

I have been wearing Schmitz Mittz for years and they sure paid off that day.  The rubber knuckle guard on the utility armor glove took the blow, along with the rubber finger protection, and there was absolutely no damage to my hand. 

The gloves proved themselves and I will continue to wear them for years to come.


Thanks Schmitz Mittz!


Landon Phillips

Calgary Firefighter and member of the Grim Rippers Extrication team